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Panther Dashboard for DQMH® V2.0.0.2

PantherLAB has created a new Open-Source LabVIEW Tool to explore, edit, and document DQMH Projects, the main goal pursued by this tool is to Improve the DQMH Developer Experience and help the DQMH new and former users to understand and navigate DQMH projects.


» Drag and drop DQMH code from Panther Dashboard to your code.

» Explore your project in the DQMH context, just double click an event

» Visualize your modules Status (running, Idle)

» Search for Module/Event Callers/Listeners, right click an event or a DQMH Module to use this functionality.

» Open API Tester by Right Click the Module Library

» Execute the default events [Show Panel, Hide Panel, Show Block Diagram, Stop Module]

» Use the DQMH Scripting Tools.

Edit and improve your Project documentation:

» Edit/Update your modules & events Descriptions

» Edit/Update your Project Documentation

» Open Antidoc output when right click the project selection.

Call this tool by going:

Tools->PantherLAB->Panther Dashboard for DQMH

For more information send an email to:

Watch the YouTube Video to see Panther Dashboard for DQMH® V2.0.0.2 in Action!

Watch Enrique Noé presenting at GDevCON NA 2022 presenting Panther Dashboard for DQMH V1.7.0.10