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Software Design


Software Development is for solving problems, we can help you to go further, faster, and make you feel comfortable during the process.


We can design your next Software application and help you achieve your goals.

We can discuss this during a zoom meeting.

Servicios Panther LAB


DQMH® Training

    What is DQMH?
    Delacor Queue Message Handler, is a LabVIEW programming Framework, DQMH uses Scripting tools to automate the creation and modification of code, using DQMH the developer experience is improved by allowing to focus on the problem to solve, DQMH by nature increases the modularity, it also allows easy code reuse, reduces developer anxiety by generating uniform code between applications and developers thanks to the Scripting tools included.


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    LabVIEW Training

    • We want you to become everyone’s favorite LabVIEW Developer.
    • We can provide training to obtain the following LabVIEW Certifications:
      • CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer)
      • CLD (Certified LabVIEW Developer)
      • CLA (Certified LabVIEW Architect)

    We can adapt our training to your specific Needs, the goal is to you improve your skills, we love seeing you grow.


    Source Code Control LabVIEW

    Source code control is the practice of tracking and managing changes to your source code. Source code management systems maintain a history of code and help resolve conflicts when combining contributions from different sources and developers, this course will help your team members to work on the same projects, and thus increase productivity.


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